Build your own unique brand with us.

Are you an influencers and want to start your own brand? Join us today.


If you’re an influencer and don’t know how to start your own brand or tired to keep living from campagne to campagne, then Richfluencers is made for you.

Richfluencers focuses on making the most unique  products that perfectly fits you and your audience. We want to make sure that your customers get a big craving to buy your product. We don’t like copycats, so you’ll know your audience will have the ultimate customer experience.

We can sell:


Richfluencers allows an influencer to create and launch their own platform where they can customise their features, own their audience and ultimately build a unique product for them.


What we do is similar to what we have seen with Kanye West and his collaboration with Adidas, where Adidas built a new product line based on Kanyes vision and creativity.  This collab has made Yeezys netting 191 million dollar according to Wikipedia. In 2019 the annual revenue was 1.3 billion dollars and in 2020 the annual revenue was 1.7 billion dollars.

Such collabs are so powerful that, in this case, Adidas could go from selling mid-range products to selling high end/ high ticket products.

The way Kanye is associated with fame, music, creativity and luxury, people automatically see the value in the shoes, and in the brand.

Richfluencers can help you as a business owner increase maximum sales and build a strong long lasting brand by collabing with big influencers.

From scratch, we build a brand together

We invest

There's no need to invest upfront.
Instead, we invest in the brand.

We produce

We're in control of the whole production. We make sure that we have enough inventory to sell and satisfy the customer.

Sell wordwide

With partners all over the globe we can sell in almost every part of the world.

Product idea

Our team helps you build the best product.

Product Design

We have our own team of designers who can 3D design according to the product idea.

Product test

We can make samples and test the product quality until you are satisfied with the product.